GrassRoots Goes Acoustic

It wouldn’t be GrassRoots if it weren’t either unbearably hot or pouring rain. Well, lets just say the 27th annual festival of music and dance has made a stormy debut.

As the downpour reigned over the Trumansburg fairgrounds, the power went out in every location except the Grandstand. Luckily the Bubba George Sting Band, an energetic quintette of GassRoots all stars managed to finish their festival opening performance before the outage. On the Gandstand, Bess Greenberg played an ethereal solo set framed in a stormy glow.

Though the loss of power could have delayed the performance schedule, it was no match for the spirit of GrassRoots. Artists in the Dance Tent and Cabaret played their sets acoustically, making the whole scene feel like a jam in someone’s living room. Travis Knapp‘s band was strumming and harmonizing over the bustle of the crowd when the room suddenly illuminated with red and gold light–the power was back. It didn’t take long for the grounds to once again ring with amplified sound.

The first day of GrassRoots has proved itself an eclectic one. From Sihasin, a Navajo sibling drum and bass duo who combine their passion for culture with their love of rock, to ¡Viva Mayhem!, a carefree yet precise ska band from Ithaca, there was something for everyone to discover. This will be a great year for attendees to wander outside their schedule of favorite bands and find the new music that keeps GrassRoots growing.

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