FLMP presents Ithaca Is Music

Ithaca Is Music is a new podcast series produced by Jeff Goodmark of IIM and John Carter of New Vine Records, with a mission to introduce music created by artists in the Ithaca area to the rest of the world. Its first season, starting May 31st, will be recorded live at Lot 10 in Ithaca, and will run for ten episodes through the end of the Summer and into Fall of 2018.

The format includes an interview segment in which the performing artist(s) will give background to the music being performed, followed by a second segment where they play out a short set in a format of their own choosing. Each podcast runs approximately an hour and a half, and is recorded in multi-track high-quality audio which is mixed and mastered at the New Vine Records studio.

In addition, Finger Lakes Music Press will be documenting the recording (which takes place in front of a live audience) with multi-camera 4K UHD video, providing an unabridged look at the production. Additional support for the podcast is provided by Dan Cole, Ari Kissloff, and Mark Anbinder with support from Matt Riis of Lot10 and the city of Ithaca.

This is the video recording of the pilot episode, featuring The Uncommons and debuting host Victoria DeBerry, with audio engineering by Dan Cole, at Lot 10 in Ithaca, New York on April 19th, 2018.