(By Jonathan A. Hochberg)

It has been just about 27 years since I moved back to the region of my birth. Central New York is such a dichotomy of politics, philosophies and religions, it’s sometimes hard to reconcile the differences. And yet, and yet… we all get along. We don’t have earthquakes. We don’t have hurricanes. (I’m talking figuratively as well as literally. Despite our differences, we are a civil people here in the heart of New York State.) Continue reading “Reflections”

The Potential Energy of Culture Camp

The air is stirring. Leaves rustle as kids run; fiddle music echoes through the tents. As food vendors arrive and workers put the final touches on the stages, the GrassRoots setup nears completion.

In the final day of Culture Camp , there seems to be an ongoing dialogue of inclusivity. The music has inspired, or perhaps just magnified, an eagerness to share stories and perspectives. Continue reading “The Potential Energy of Culture Camp”

Welcome to the Finger Lakes Music Press Blog

Whether you’re a longtime local fan or a touring artist just passing through, it doesn’t take long to sense how unique the Finger Lakes music scene is. Ever since I was a kid I was drawn to this energy; I wanted to learn from it, watch it grow, and one day be a part of it. My name is Allison Young, a local writing student and musician. Growing up in the Ithaca area undoubtably shaped my perspective on music and its profound ability to affect both personal and global change. As I enter my senior year of college, I couldn’t think of a better way to spend my summer than documenting this incredible community with Finger Lakes Music Press. Continue reading “Welcome to the Finger Lakes Music Press Blog”