About Us

Our Approach

Finger Lakes Music Press is a project founded by Jonathan Hochberg dedicated to providing coverage of the New York State Finger Lakes music scene, the local and  regional artists who produce it, and the extended family of people who support them and  make it possible. Through documenting performance events and conducting interviews, we hope to increase community exposure to the rich variety of local artistic talent.

Our Story

Per Jonathan Hochberg:

I started this project just shy of four years ago in hopes of giving back to a community that had provided me with so much joy. The artists in this region had made my life richer for their efforts, and I wanted to show my appreciation in a way that might matter.

Why it mattered was a bit layered. For me, the most immediate aspect was in regard to documenting what had clearly become ephemeral – bands were forming, performing, and breaking up, and the disappearance of what they had wrought while together struck me as a great loss.

For others, it meant being able to experience art to which they might not otherwise have had the opportunity, or become familiar with artists with whom they had no prior experience. That was the audience part of things, serving the larger community beyond the artists. I hadn’t originally thought that would be a big factor in this project, but it proved otherwise.

And then there was the benefit to the artists themselves. I soon began to realize that there are bands out there who have plenty of resources and didn’t really need me hanging around with my cameras and such intruding on their performance, and that was fine. On the flip side, there were bands that had fewer resources, perhaps were just getting started, and having a quality record of their performance in fact was a very big deal in being able to promote and get bookings.

Flash forward to now, and FLMP has grown into a community with a strong following and demand. We’re continuing to up our game, we have expanded our team, and we are well-positioned to continue documenting the region’s music scene. After four years of hard work, we’re really just getting started.

 Meet the Team

Jonathan Hochberg

Founder/Producer/Videographer/Video Editor/Lead Camcorder Operator/Photographer

Allison Young

Lead Writer/Camcorder Operator/Photographer

Jamie Love


Anna Wang

Camcorder Operator

Additional Helping Hands

Past Camera Operators 

Francesca Hodge | Armand Hess | Nick Gilbert | James Manton | Nikolai Ruskin